Perennials and herbaceous plants

Get a wide selection of perennials and herbaceous plants in Essex

Add the glory of vibrant and colourful flowering plants to your garden this season. With The Elms Nursery & Garden Centre, you can explore a variety of flowers and plants in different colours, sizes, shapes and fragrances. Contact us for expert advice.

Add the seasonal charm!

Here’s why you should add perennials and herbaceous plants to your garden:

  • Improve the soil’s health
  • Allows more access to water
  • Preserves moisture in the soil
  • Enjoy different blooming times
  • Why choose us?

  • The expertise of over 25 years
  • Family-run business
  • Our commitment to quality
  • Warm and friendly service
  • Plants were grown on our own nursery or sourced locally from top growers
  • A diverse range of plants
  • Area we serve:

  • Rayleigh
  • Rochford
  • Romford
  • Southend-On-Sea
  • Stanford-Le-Hope
  • Tilbury
  • Wickford
  • Within 25 miles of CM11a
  • If our perennials and herbaceous plants aren’t enough:

    Choose from a wide selection of pots offered in different colours, shapes, finishes and sizes.
    Ornaments and stoneware
    Pick ornaments and stoneware that suits your current home decor, style and budget.
    Water features
    Whether you need big, elaborate water features or one with a gentle trickle, we have it all covered.
    Restored garden items
    Want to use a vintage item as a decorative piece? Get it at The Elms Nursery & Garden Centre.

    The Elms Nursery & Garden Centre will help you choose plants that bloom all year round. Call us on